An article by EDF – Hydrogen produced with electrolysis as a solution to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors

As the European leader of carbon-free electricity with a 90% decarbonised mix, EDF shares the view that direct electrification, based on decarbonised and renewable electricity production, will be key to lower emissions and connect sectors. Sector integration is also critical to allow higher renewable rates in the electricity system through increased flexibility. For hard-to-abate sectors, hydrogen produced with electrolysis is the solution. To play its role, it must be produced without CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency and electrification are the primary drivers to decarbonize the EU economy. Producing renewable and low carbon hydrogen for maritime transport, aviation and industry is the next frontier. For this the EU framework needs a CO2 compass, which is not fully there yet”. Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF group.

 Working with industry and different regions by supporting their decarbonation projects is a challenge that Hynamics, EDF subsidiary dedicated to hydrogen, plans to embrace with a solution for producing hydrogen without CO₂ emissions with multiple uses and in an economically efficient way.

About Hynamics: Founded in 2019 Hynamics is the result of an “intrapreneurial” project nurtured within EDFPulse Expansion, the Group’s start-up incubator. After the acquisition of EDF’s stake in the French company McPhy, a leading player in this market, the creation of this new subsidiary confirms the EDF Group’s ambition in low-carbon hydrogen.

*Photo credit: FaHyence Sarreguimes Mc Filling – McPHY