Fast Charging Infrastructure

A seamless EV-charging experience is now in place thanks to 2 European projects, ensuring a full continuity of service across several EU countries.

Led by EDF and gathering eleven partners, including car manufacturers such as Renault, Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan, this collaborative initiative aimed at fostering and speeding-up electric vehicle penetration in France and Europe, through an industrial pilot deployment and operation of 238 fast charging stations (50kW) along the main Belgian and French motorway and cross-border sections. Supported by the European Commission through the Connecting Europe Facility Programme, CORRI-DOOR project focused on mapping the French territory while UNIT-e project addressed the Belgian territory and cross-border sections towards the UK and Italy. The CORRI-DOOR network enables the users, regardless of the EV brand, to charge in less than 30 minutes, thus contributing in tackling range anxiety and autonomy-related constraints. It clearly allowed to boost intercity journeys with EVs. All these charging stations are supplied by 100% renewable electricity supplied by EDF.

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