Energy Solutions

What? The European Parliamentary Network on Energy Solutions, Energy Solutions, is dedicated to integrated energy solutions in realizing the Energy Union – a tremendous political project in delivering affordable, secure and sustainable energy while creating jobs and growth as well as investments.

Why? 2016 quickly became the year of action; 2017 the year of deliberations; 2018 the year of engagement         – all step stones of the legislative process that too often addresses special interests from the energy sector, political parties or national governments that do not sufficiently take into account the well-functioning of the energy system as a whole – challenging the ability to reach common positions on legislative proposals with the ultimate risk of delaying the adoption of important legislation.


Who? Momentum is now in the midst of the four-year legislature: Bringing together energy solutions makers and creators for integrated energy solutions across interests.

How? Energy Solutions aims to develop common ground for holistic legislation to underpin the adoption of energy regulation with the ultimate view to support system-based solutions.